About Us

Welcome to Spire Oven Cleaning

Spire Oven Clean in Chesterfield are a family-based business – we offer our oven cleaning services to clients living in the heart of Chesterfield, Sheffield and all the surrounding villages and smaller towns. Our friendly service is reliable and courteous. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional service that will clean your oven to an ‘as-new’ condition. We are professionally trained and specialise in cleaning AGA, Reyburn and Range type Ovens & Cookers.

Spire Oven Clean will only use non-caustic and non-toxic cleaning products inside your home. These products are also fume-free and safe to use if you have any children or pets at home. Once we have finished our work in your home, your oven will be ready to use again.

Why have my oven cleaned professionally?

This mammoth, filthy and nightmare task often finds itself at the top of any survey when the public are asked, ‘what is your most hated household chore’. Spire Oven Clean just takes away the stress of oven cleaning. Call us below, or use the Contact us page.

It’s a greasy, drawn-out job! so why do it yourself?